Early Years – Wrens

The Teacher for Wrens is Mrs Renton. While Mrs Renton is on maternity leave Miss Ward will be teaching Wrens.


Mrs Renton                                              Miss Ward

Welcome Message

A warm welcome to Wren’s class!
Miss Ward has the absolute pleasure of teaching our wonderful Wrens. Another important member of the Wrens class is Trevor the tortoise! Being a Wren is super exciting, everyday is full of adventure where we learn through play and exploration (both indoors and outdoors.) Although we are the youngest children at St Peter’s, we shine very brightly and enjoy getting involved in all aspects of school life.

Ready to Learn


Year Group Ready Leaflet

EYFS Leaflet

Curriculum Overview

Please follow the following links for the Curriculum Overviews

Curriculum Overview Wrens Summer 2024

Curriculum Overview EY Spring 2024

Curriculum Overview EY Autumn 2023


Early Years  Homework Expectations

How can I help with my child’s learning?

Practising a couple of these will help your child feel confident across the curriculum.

  • Practising pencil grip using the tripod grip
  • Practising correct letter formation of the sounds we learn in phonics
  • Reviewing the weekly phonics sessions using the phonics home learning sheets on our class page each week
  • Oral blending and segmenting games  e.g. I Spy a c-a-t
  • Daily reading and sharing stories
  • Discussing numbers and shapes in the environment around us
  • Practising correct formation of numbers
  • Playing counting games, making sure that your child is using accurate 1-1 correspondence
  • Practising taking turns when playing games.

Phonics Home Learning – Reception Summer 1

Phonics Home Learning – Reception Spring 1

Phonics Home Learning – Reception Spring 2

Phonics Home Learning – Reception Autumn 2

Phonics Home Learning – Reception Autumn 1