Virtual Library

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At St Peter’s, we encourage all our children to be ‘readers.’ Not just that they are able readers but that they want to read, for pleasure. This can be nurtured through reading to the children as much as possible, at any age. We value ‘story time’ as much in Early Years as we do in Year 6 and find that the children also love it just as much. Research shows that children that are read to regularly have a more developed vocabulary, a more vivid imagination and even have better sleeping patterns! However, we recognise that life is busy, and this may be something that falls by the wayside, so we have created a Virtual Library! There are nearly 50 different titles for you to choose from- you simply click the link to be taken to a video of the book being read to you and enjoy!

The bookshelves in our virtual library are themed- some of them contain books from our Recommended Reads lists for each year group and others have books that children of all ages could enjoy. For example: we have a ‘Shine and Share your Light’ shelf which is full of stories about people who have achieved magnificent things!

Be sure to check back half termly to see what new books have been added, you may even spot some books being read by our very own children and staff!