Inclusion (SEND)

Our vision of Love, Learn, Shine strongly influences our approach and commitment to all children including children with additional needs. All children are nurtured as individuals taking into account any additional needs or learning differences. As articulated within our vision, we deeply value every child as an individual recognising that achievement comes in many forms.

Learning with, from and alongside children with range of learning differences helps all children become sensitive and supportive of diversity, preparing them well for life in modern Britain.

Support for children with special educational needs and disabilities is systematically planned and sensitively delivered by our dedicated team of teachers and support staff. This provision is monitored and evaluated by Mrs Jones our dedicated SENDCO, Paul Griffiths our Headteacher and Linda McPhee our SEND governor.

‘Leaders, including the special educational needs coordinator (SENCo), are resolute in their commitment to inclusion. There is a shared understanding among all staff that the progress of pupils, including those with SEND, is everyone’s responsibility. Leaders ensure that information is shared with teachers in a timely manner so that teaching can be adapted to meet the needs of individual pupils. Consequently, pupils with SEND are making good progress towards their individual targets.’

Ofsted 2019

Following the changes to the SEND (Special Education Needs and Disability) Code of Practice September 2014, we are pleased to provide the following information:

Provision for children with SEND

At St Peter’s School we work hard to enable all children to Love, Learn and Shine. We aim to plan for continuity and progression at our school and upon transfer to secondary education. We recognise the entitlement of all children to a rich, relevant and coherently planned curriculum. Our SEND policy reinforces the need for teaching that is fully inclusive. The Governing Body will ensure that appropriate provision will be made for all pupils with SEND.

Our SENDCO is Mrs Alice Jones has been a qualified teacher for almost 20 years and holds the National Award for SEND Coordination. 


Mrs Jones – SENDCo

The Local Offer

The local offer provides information on what services children, young people and their families can expect from a range of local agencies, including health and social care. Knowing what is out there gives you more choice and therefore more control over what support is right for your child. Information about the North Yorkshire Local Offer can be found on the following links:

School SEND Documents

The School SEND information report (see bottom of this page) outlines what we can offer your child so that they can have equal access to the curriculum and make progress in their learning.

If you have any queries at all please contact Mrs Jones, our Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator.

SEND Policy

Please see the policy page of our website to access this.

SEND Information Report

Access our SEND Information report below.

SEND Information Report 2023-2024


Provision Maps

Provision Maps

Provision Mapping is a transparent method of showing the range of provision available to children throughout our school. It allows our leaders to monitor, evaluate and plan the development of provision, increase access for disadvantaged groups, secure the entitlement of all learners and raise achievement and standards.




Cognition-and Learning


Communication and Interaction

Sensory and /or Physical Needs




Social and Emotional Needs