We are proud of our school uniform and expect all children to wear their uniform with care and pride. We are pleased to provide the following information in relation to our school uniform.

Our approach and expectations with regard to uniform ensure we meet the requirements of the Government Cost of School Uniform Statutory Guidance. The key points of this are;

  • Keeping branded items (items with the school logo) to a minimum
  • Offering more than one supplier
  • Publishing information regarding our uniform on our website
  • Making second hand uniform available

All uniform items are available from Rawcliffes and Emblazon. All non-school logo items such as polo shirts, buttoned shirts, skirts and trousers can be found in a wide range of high street clothing shops, supermarkets and second hand retailers at competitive prices. Throughout the summer months both shops take bookings for in-store appointments.

FOSP also has pre-worn uniform available to purchase. Termly sales take place in playground usually on a Friday at the end of the day. Alternatively, please contact admin@stpeters.ycway.uk if you need support or help with uniform.

Why do we have Uniform?

  • Wearing our school uniform shows pride in belonging to St Peter’s School.
  • Wearing our school uniform means everyone is treated fairly as our expectations apply to all children.
  • Putting on our school uniform helps children prepare to be ready and in a positive mindset to learn.
  • Our uniform helps prepare children for the next stage of their education where they will continue to wear uniform and also the professional world they will join after education.
  • Children are ambassadors for St Peter’s when they wear the uniform.

All items of clothing, including coats, footwear and bags should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. We strongly recommend stitched or iron on name labels.

Our Uniform

Infant Uniform – Early Years and Key Stage One (Years 1&2)

  • A white polo shirt
  • Navy school jumper or cardigan (with or without logo)
  • Plain grey trousers or shorts
  • Navy skirt or pinafore dress
  • Plain black outdoor shoes


Junior Uniform– Key Stage Two (Years 3-6)

  • White shirt with a St Peter’s tie
  • Navy school jumper or cardigan (with or without logo)
  • Plain grey trousers or shorts
  • Navy skirt or pinafore dress
  • Plain black outdoor shoes


PE Uniform All Phases

  • A plain white T-shirt
  • Plain navy short, ‘skort’, jogging bottoms or leggings
  • St Peter’s Navy PE hoodie or usual school jumper.
  • A completely plain Navy hoodie (no logo, pictures or branding)
  • Navy school jumper or cardigan (with or without logo)
  • Trainers


Uniform Expectations

  • Wear uniform correctly.
  • Wear your uniform smartly.
  • Hair should be of natural colour and style.
  • If an item of clothing is not on the detailed should not be worn.

Should children wear Summer or Winter Uniform?

In the past the school has operated summer and winter uniform. We are happy for families to choose from the uniform options which they feel is best and most suitable and comfortable for their child throughout the year.


School preference is that no jewellery is worn as it is unsuitable during school hours.  Apart from the risk of loss, these items can present safety problems to the wearers and others.

Children are permitted to wear stud earrings and a watch only. Earrings must be removed for PE unless within the first 8 weeks of having ears pierced or if children can not quickly, easily and independently remove them. If it is not possible to remove earrings children may be asked to cover them with plasters depending on the nature of the physical activity. We politely request that no smart watches are worn in school. Any jewellery brought into school is done so at the risk of the child and family.


Children will play outside in light rain and in cold temperatures. Children should have warm waterproof coat. School does not have the staffing capacity to keep children in side school during outdoor play if they do not have a coat.

Pre-Loved Uniform

We host regular preloved uniform sales throughout the year often at the end of each full term. We can also make this available throughout each term as needed. Please feel free to speak in confidence with any of the office team or your child’s class teacher if we can help in this way.

Name Labels

Please ensure ALL uniform is label with full name.  We advise that either a sew in, iron on or sticky name labels are used as these are easily read and we can reunite children with their items quickly.

Name Label Partner

We are pleased to partner with My Name Tags. For every set of labels ordered with My Name Tags FOSP will receive a donation. Click on the link here to go direct to their website where you can order your name labels.