School Closures Information

Unavoidable School Closure Procedure

On occasion due to extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances school may have to employ one or more of the following arrangements;

  • Alternatives routes to enter school
  • Delayed opening. In this case Fun Club will not open in the morning.
  • Early closing. In this case Fun Club will not operate.
  • Partial closure. In this case Fun Club will not operate.
  • Full closure. In this case Fun Club will not operate.
  • Cancel or postpone of after school clubs and events or meetings.

We will do all we can to ensure school is fully open during term time however this must never come at the expense of the safety of children, families and staff.

We will always aim to make timely decisions and give as much notice to families as possible while also refraining from making decisions too far in advance of knowing if the forecasted weather actually materialises. As I am sure you can appreciate this is a delicate balance and we are grateful for your patience and understanding.

Although these situations are rare it is important to have clear procedures to support the efficient and safe management of the occasions when this might happen. The document below sets out those procedures.

Unavoidable School Closure Procedures

Snow and Ice Access Contingency

It may not always be possible to clear and grit the full one-way system of paths around the whole school throughout the winter. If this is the case we may apply the following contingency plan.

Paths to the main front door and the double doors at the front of school will be cleared and gritted. A path across the front the playground to the gate leading to the car park exit will also be cleared and gritted.

Children in Year 5&6 will enter school through the main front door. All other year groups would access through the double doors leading into the hall. Parents can then exit via the gate into the car park. Staff will be in classrooms to greet children and there will also be staff on hand in the hall and corridors to help guide and supervise children to their classrooms.

We will endeavour to alert families via text as to if these arrangements are needed.

Year 5&6 to enter via these doors All other classes enter via these doors A path across the front playground will be cleared and gritted Adults can exit through these gates after drop off.