As articulated in our Vision of Love, Learn, Shine;

‘We nurture each individual to be happy, healthy and safe’ and ‘We inspire children to a lifelong love of learning’

To achieve this and in order to establish excellent lifelong learning habits excellent attendance at primary school is essential.

Excellent school attendance helps children learn and achieve and for this reason St Peter’s is committed to ensuring children attend well.

It is important that parents and families share and support our understanding of the importance of good attendance as well as our expectations and the reasons for them.

Recognising Good and Outstanding Attendance

Through our newsletters we share and celebrate the numbers of  children achieving good and outstanding attendance. We write every term to families where excellent levels of attendance have been achieved.

Persistent Absenteeism

Persistent absenteeism is classed as attendance below 90% in a school year. We closely monitor attendance records and will write to parents if their child is at risk of or is classed as persistently absent. We will work closely with families to support them in ensuring children improve their attendance record.

Attendance Parent Guide

Our parent guide highlights the importance of good attendance and the impact of low attendance on children.

Government Guide For Parents On School Attendance

Is my child too ill for school? – NHS (

Absence of Leave Requests

We strongly encourage children to attend school every day of the school year. We recognise that very occasionally there may be exceptional circumstances for which parents need to apply for absence of leave during term time.

Please note – no parent can demand leave of absence as a right.

Regulations state that applications must be made in advance and will only be authorised in exceptional (examples of exceptional circumstances are given on the request form) circumstances. Absence of leave requests apply to all children registered at the school even if they are not yet of statutory school age (5 years old).

If you need to make a request please download the Leave of Absence Application and submit it to the school office as far in advance as possible and at least 6 weeks before the first date of the requested leave.

Following submission of requests forms we will write back to parents with a decision.

Please note it is not possible to replicate the work children will miss in other forms as the children will miss the direct teaching. Teachers and support staff will do their level best to support children upon their return but please be aware all absence disrupts the learning process and impacts on the continuity of education.

An unauthorised absence of 10 or more sessions (5 days) in a four month rolling period requires the school to inform the local authority to consider issuing a penalty notice. 

NYCC Rights & Responsibilities Guide

The NYCC rights and responsibilities documents outlines parents rights and responsibilities in relation to attendance. It explains the possible outcomes of poor attendance for children and parents. It highlights that schools can contact the LA to request the issue of a Penalty Notice, if there have been at least 10 sessions (five days) of unauthorised absence in the preceding four months. An accompanying FAQ document answers the most common questions regarding penalty notices and other aspects of attendance.