Years 1 & 2 – Finches

The teacher in Finches is Miss Hewson.

Welcome Message

Welcome to Finches class, my name is Miss Hewson and I am the class teacher. In my spare time I like to go on long walks exploring nature with my daughter, we also go to gymnastics. In Finches we are caring, creative and kind. We love to learn new things and always help each other. Our school day is always full of exciting new learning opportunities which help us grow and develop into creative, respectful and independent young people.

Ready to Learn

Year Group Leaflets

Year 1 Leaflet

Year 2 Leaflet

Curriculum Overview

Please follow the following links for the Curriculum Overviews

Curriculum Overview Year 1&2 Spring 2024 Finches

Curriculum Overview Yr1&2 Autumn 2023

Recommended Reading

Children need to be exposed to a variety of different texts to ensure depth in their understanding. Here is a suggested list of 100 books to read in KS1. How many will you read?

Year 1/2 recommended books


Year 1 and 2 Homework Expectations

Year 1

  • Read Little Wandle books
  • Sharing story
  • Fluency facts within 10
  • Weekly sounds learnt

Year 2

Year 2 Homework Expectations

  • Read every night
  • Sharing story – being read to
  • Weekly Little Wandle spellings (given out on Friday and tested on the following  Friday).
  • There will be a reading comprehension book sent out in the Spring Term.
  • Weekly Maths task from book (further information below).

Year 2 children will have a Year 2 Maths workbook to bring home and work through as a homework task.

For every topic, there’s a page of clear, colourful notes that summarises all the important skills — this is followed by a page of practice questions to quiz children on what they’ve just learned.

All homework tasks set will be relevant to what the children have either already learnt or are learning in Maths within school. We will be sending these books home with children on a Thursday afternoon, and we will ask for them to be returned to school on a Tuesday, to allow time for them to be marked.

Tasks will be set weekly, and the page in which the children are expected to complete will be highlighted.

We would like to still encourage your child to practise their known facts and automatic recall facts such as:

  • Number bonds within 10 and 20
  • Counting in twos, fives, and tens
  • Correct number formation

Year 2 Homework  Supporting Documents

Phonics Home Learning – Year 1 Summer 1

Phonics Home Learning – Year 1 Spring 1

Phonics Home Learning – Year 1 Autumn 1