Physical Education (PE)

Subject Leader

The subject leader for Physical Education is Mrs Renton. While Mrs Renton is on Maternity leave this role is being covered by Mrs Hewson.


They can be contacted by emailing using the subject title FAO of followed by the name of the subject leader. Emails typically receive a reply within 2-3 working days. Please note most of our subject leaders have a full-time teaching commitment.

With oversight and support from our Senior Leadership team subject leaders oversee and monitor the intent, implementation and impact of their subject.

Curriculum Development

Intent – The ambition and principles of our curriculum for our children. The curriculum content we expect children to learn. What we expect children to know. 

Implementation – How the intentions are realised. The sequence and strategies used to ensure children know and remember more. There is additional information on our intent and implementation  page.

Impact – How we check and see if children know what we expect them to and how we help them further if needed. How knowledge and skills learnt improved and enriches their lives socially, emotionally, spiritually as well as academically.

Subject Rationale

At St Peter’s Primary School we know that PE plays an important role in the development of our children. PE leads to improved fitness, health and well-being, concentration, attitude and academic achievement.

It can help children:

  • Raise their achievement
  • Excel in different areas
  • Build self-esteem
  • Learn to co-operate as a team and display leadership skills
  • Experience healthy competition – learn to cope with life’s successes and defeats
  • To be more responsible for themselves and others
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle

We aim to encourage a lifetime love of sport and keeping fit and encourage children to be the best that they can be.

By teaching the PE National Curriculum through research-based frameworks, our PE curriculum is designed to inspire children and teach them the skills to become physically literate, whilst encouraging lifelong participation in physical activity. We know that PE plays an important role in the holistic development of our children, it leads to improved fitness, health and well-being, concentration, attitude and academic achievement.

At St Peter’s the journey to physical literacy begins in the Early Years (EY). Our youngest children work on the key skills -Agility, Coordination and Balance – which connects with many of the EYFS areas of learning.  The main area of EY learning directly related to the physical skills taught in PE can be seen through the ‘Physical Development’ area of learning. In addition to this, due to the careful planning and implementation of the curriculum, other areas such as ‘Personal, Social, Emotional Development’ and ‘Communication and Language Development’ play an important role in underpinning the foundations to being physically confident.

Related Development Matters Learning:

Physical Development:

  • Revise and refine the fundamental movement skills they have already acquired: • rolling • crawling • walking • jumping • running • hopping • skipping • climbing.
  • Progress towards a more fluent style of moving, with developing control and grace.
  • Develop the overall body strength, co-ordination, balance and agility needed to engage successfully with future physical education sessions and other physical disciplines.

Personal Social and Emotional Development:

  • Select and use activities and resources, with help when needed. This helps them to achieve a goal they have chosen, or one which is suggested to them.
  • Increasingly follow rules, understanding why they are important.
  • Build constructive and respectful relationships.

Communication and Language:

  • Connect one idea or action to another using a range of connectives.
  • Use talk to help work out problems and organise thinking and activities, and to explain how things work and why they might happen.


By the time children reach the end of Year Six they will securely physically literate and working in line with age relation national expectations for PE. The children will also have experienced extracurricular opportunities to apply their physical skills, try a range of different physical activities and compete as part of a team individually.

Full Subject Rationale PE

Subject Sequence, Knowledge Progression & Implementation

At St Peter’s children have two PE lessons a week.  KS1 and KS1 Dance and Gymnastics follow a REAL PE resource which has been developed by national experts in Primary PE with a specific focus on physical literacy. The carefully sequences programme is based around developing core fundamental movement skills that are the foundation of all movement required for success in the National Curriculum programmes of study. In Key Stage Two we use a sequence developed in partnership with Sporting Influence who support the delivery of PE and continued professional development of school staff through team teaching of PE.


Curriculum Intent & Implementation  PE

PE Progressions 

Staff including those from Sporting Influence who support the implementation of our PE curriculum and wider school sport programme have been trained in the implementation of REAL PE and have access to all the physical and online resources to support successful implementation.


Swimming and water safety is a vital part of the current National Curriculum which states that when children leave primary school they should be able to:

  • swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres
  • use a range of strokes effectively
  • perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations

Currently at St Peter’s children learn to swim in Year 3&4 with additional sessions available in Upper KS2 for those not meeting the National Curriculum requirements at the end of Year 4.

Impact Examples

We are pleased to share some examples of how knowledge and skills learnt have improved and enriched our children’s lives socially, emotionally, spiritually as well as academically.

Children at St Peter’s have regular opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills learnt through the PE curriculum in a range of intra and inter school sporting events as well as through extra curricular provision such as our residential programme.

There are weekly opportunities to compete as outlined below;

SI Festival Tuesday ASC Calendar 2023-2024

SI Harrogate High Tournament Calendar 2023-2024

As well as these we host termly intra school competitions and our annual Sports Day on the Stray.

‘I love testing myself against children from others school.’  ‘It is great we get to play on the big astro.’  ‘I like using what I learn in PE in matches.’

‘I really liked the para-basketball. It was a new sport for everyone to try and was harder than it looks on TV.’

‘We learn the rules and how to play in PE then can play against other teams.’

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