Rounders Competition Success


The summer sports competition series continued this evening with a team representing Year 5&6 at Bilton cricket club in the Sporting Influence rounders series.

Following a quick recap of rules and tactics it was straight into a series of three matches against other local schools. In total the team played three matches improving their skills with each match especially in the sharpness of their fielding. Following a narrow defeat in the first match to Willow Tree they then won their next two matches against Bilton Grange and New Park. As two teams won two out of three their matches it came down to the total rounders scored to decide the overall winner from the evening with St Peter’s emerging on top by just half a rounder.

It was a pleasure to see how quickly they gelled as a team and sharpened their fielding skills learning and adapting as each game passed. Very well done to all who took part.

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