Greatest Show Production


Year Six have rounded off their time at St Peter’s with a truly wonderful end of year production of ‘The Greatest Show’.

Based around a Victorian traveling show Pickle’s Perambulating Palace of Performers tries to get their show on the road for the new season, however there is trouble ahead! There are other travelling shows going out of business under rather strange circumstances and Herbert the showman is pushing his brother Professor Pickle the scientific inventor, to come up with a new act to keep the audiences happy. Can the family pull together to save the day?

The whole of Year 6 worked superbly together over several weeks learning lines and songs, making props and polishing their performances. All the hard work came together superbly as they performed to the whole school as well as friends and families. Huge well done to the whole year group for this superbly entertaining performance. A fantastic way to round off their final year at St Peter’s.


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