Author Visit


We were delighted to welcome the author Luke Temple to school today. Luke came in to talk to children from all classes about his books and his journey to becoming a published author including the different challenges he has faced and how he has overcome these. We thought about what it means to be an author, heard about how Luke uses his own experiences to create his characters and learnt more about his amazing books.

About Luke Temple

Luke was born on Halloween, 1988. There are some quite surprising things about him: When he was a child, Luke was rubbish at spelling, he didn’t enjoy reading and he found writing hard work. Yet today he’s an author and loves reading and writing. That doesn’t mean he now finds it all really easy – he doesn’t! Reading and writing are both still a big challenge for him. That just shows that anything is possible – even if you struggle with reading and writing, you can find a way to enjoy that challenge … and you might even become an author!

You can learn more about Luke and his books here.


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