Fire Safety Workshops


We were delighted to welcome Andy and Joe from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service into school today. They spent the afternoon working with children teaching them about their role in the community which as we learned goes beyond attending fires and includes helping people trapped after accidents including on boats, helping in flood situations as well as educating children and families how to keep safe in their homes and schools.

The children learnt about the importance of having a working smoke alarm in their home as well as reminding the grown ups at home to test this regularly. We also learnt about the importance of charging devices safely including making sure the are kept on  flat surface with space around them to keep the device cool and ensuring devices are not left on charge overnight as this has been the cause of several fires both locally and nationally in recent months.

The children listened brilliantly and asked thoughtful and sensible questions that very much impressed our visitors. If families would like to learn more about the themes and topics discussed or test out their new knowledge you can do this by visiting North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (

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