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Year 5 and 6 Home Learning – January 2021 Update

Dear Parent/Carers

From January 6th 2021, the new national lockdown came into effect and all schools had to close and switch to remote learning except for vulnerable children and those of key workers.  As you know, if you are a key worker, we would have had a conversation with you and made arrangements for your child to come into school.  However, we have been using TEAMs with all children for a while now and we were ready to switch to and deliver blended remote school learning.   We have an overview of our remote learning provision which can be seen here.

The Ravens, Herons and Eagles TEAMs page are updated daily with the next days learning and all our children have their own private channel in which they can upload work and keep in touch with all of the teachers in the Upper Key Stage 2 Team.  Mrs Crankshaw, Miss Wilson and Mrs McNichol are also really happy that they have two daily “face-to-face” meeting with all children.  In the morning they are really pleased to see and speak to everyone and explain the learning for the day, and then again at the end of the day to check in and see how the day has gone and address any problems or misconceptions that may have occurred.  We also have a virtual library that can be accessed here.

If you are having any problems with your own private channel or need some support, please get in touch with the school via the admin@stpeters.ycway.uk email address.  Emails that are sent to the office will be passed onto those who can help and support you and they will respond as soon as possible. The admin email is to be used as a central point in order that messages get to those who are able to respond.

Take care and keep safe.

Love from St Peter’s.


Previous Learning


Welcome back Year 5 and 6! We are so pleased to have you all finally back in school and we hope that you are enjoying being in your new classes. Don’t forget to login to Teams using the same login information you used last year as your teacher has been in contact with you there. Your homework tasks will also be set there and you can upload your work in order to reduce the need to bring as many things in from home.




This is the last week of the school year and so is the last time we will be uploading learning for both Year 5 and 6. We are so sad that we didn’t get to see the Year 5s again before the summer break but we are really looking forward to seeing you back in school in September – we can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve been up to.

Year 6, we wish you the best of luck on your big and exciting journey to high school, we know you are ready and looking forward to going but please don’t forget about us, we love it when you come back to visit!

Year 6 English:

Year 5 English: Transition

Year 6 Maths

Year 5 Maths



Year 6 English:

Year 5 English: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Year 6 Maths:

This week we are going to look at the magic and mystery of maths! We will not be using the White Rose maths tutorials this week but will still complete the Friday Maths Challenge. Enjoy!

Year 5 Maths:

PSHE: Miles of Food

In this lesson you will look at food miles. Food miles are the number of miles your food and the associated ingredients has travelled to get to the place where you buy it. Go on the website to watch the video then there is a PPT and an activity for you to have a go at. Have fun! http://nyorks-eco.education/miles-of-food/

Year 6 Transition:

What an exciting time it is for Year 6 as you prepare for your big move into high school! With that in mind and the unusual circumstances we currently find ourselves in, the Harrogate Hub have invited you to a transition Zoom call so that you can meet other people going to your school and chat about anything you are excited or worried about. See the invitation below for more information. There is also a video on YouTube you might like to watch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7efPH13bzo&feature=youtu.be


Year 6 English:

Year 5 English: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Year 6 Maths:

Year 5 Maths:

This week we are using a different resource to help us with our maths learning and so there are not worksheets that I can upload for you. All the links to the videos, online quizzes and worksheets you need are on the planning document below and I’ve uploaded the Friday Family challenge in case you still want to complete it. Any problems, just get in touch via teams or the admin email address – admin@stpeters.ycway.uk

PSHE: Air Pollution

In this lesson you will look at Air Pollution. Transport like cars, planes and boats are the main things that put poisonous chemicals into the air. We breathe them in and it can cause health problems for people. We need to reduce travel across the world and become more energy efficient. Watch the video on the Powerdown Pete website then have a look at the Fact PDF and complete the mind map. http://nyorks-eco.education/pollution-problems/

Year 6: Crucial Crew

Unfortunately this year, you were not able to attend the Crucial Crew session as we normally do. In order for you not to miss out, we have put together a little pack of activities for you to still learn this valuable information.


Year 6 English: Macbeth


Year 5 English: Myths and Legends

Year 6 Maths:

Year 5 Maths:

Science – 3 more lessons!


PSHE: Climate Change

What is climate change and how is it impacting on our lives? How have we caused this problem? What can we do about it? Explore the answers to all these questions and look at the actions we can take to help planet earth. Watch the video on the Power Down Pete website and then have a look a look at the presentation and the activity! http://nyorks-eco.education/climate-connections/



Mrs Crankshaw has read one of Roald Dahl’s  Revolting Rhymes for you to listen to… enjoy!

Year 6 English: Macbeth



Year 5 English: Myths and Legends


Year 6 Maths:

Year 5 Maths:

PSHE: How big is your footprint?

As part of our PHSE learning this term, we are thinking about how much damage we do every day to planet earth with the things we do and the things we use. Think of it like footprints on a beach – do we tip toe across the sand or do we stomp on it? The bigger the footprint we make, the more noticeable it is on the beach. The same happens with the things we do to planet earth.
Have a look at this website http://nyorks-eco.education/carbon-footprint/ to watch the video and complete the activities below.


Year 6 English: Macbeth


Year 5 English: Week 2 of Myths and Legends

Year 6 Maths:

Year 5 Maths:


Hello everyone! We noticed that this page of the website was getting a bit full and it was difficult to find your learning for the week so we’ve had a bit of a shuffle! Each week we will now upload all the learning you need right at the top of the page so that it is easier to find with all the older things underneath in case you are still working on them.

We hope you all had a lovely half term break and we are really looking forward to welcoming back some of Year 6 this week. This means that most of the teachers will be less responsive on Teams due to their teaching commitments in school however, Mrs Henderson will be checking each class and is available to look at your amazing work and answer any questions you have.

Year 6 English: Week 2 of Francis the video clip!

Year 5 English:

Year 6 Maths:

Arithmetic Starters

Year 5 Maths:

New Topic Grid

The new topic grid has 9 new activities relating to Ancient Greece! There are some resources to go with it too which you will find below. These can be found on your General page on Teams too.

New Science: Evolution and Inheritance

Here are the first three weeks of learning for this half term based on our science topic, Evolution and Inheritance.



(21/5/20) Half Term Update:

We will not be setting any work for the half term holiday week so we hope you have a lovely time with your families. We have made an optional grid with fun activities for you to complete. Enjoy!


Year  6 English: Francis

Year 6 Maths:

Week 5 Arithmetic Starters

Year 5 English:

Year 5 Maths:


Year 6 English:

Year 6 Maths:

Week 4 Arithmetic Starters

Year 5 English:

Year 5 Maths:

Year 5 & 6 Learning Structure – Summer Term (April 2020)

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families! Our new online learning on Teams has gone live. You should have all received an email with your individual log in and how to access. All of your learning from now on will be posted into the files on Teams and updated on a Friday. You will be able to use Teams to communicate with your

teacher and upload your work. If you have not managed to get access yet, we have attached this week’s planning and resources for maths and English (see below). Our new Ancient Greece topic learning is now also on Teams and can be found below too. Our new Science learning will follow shortly. In the meantime, use the resources posted further down this page for science and our other subjects.

Online Learning Help – How to upload files and open and write on PDF files


Year 5/6 Newsletters/Updates

We will be adding updates to direct you to any new activities/link/work set. Click on the link to find out: Year 5 and 6 – Newsletter 27th March

***We do not subscribe to Sum Dog as a school anymore*** (2/4/20)

Dear Parent/Carers

Here is an overview of the learning that the children should be completing over the upcoming weeks.  St Peter’s school is committed to ensuring that your child is learning as much as possible and we endeavour to do our absolute best to keep this happening.

Available communication links will be via email on admin@stpeters.ycway.uk, through our website https://stpeters.ycst.co.uk/ and via our Facebook page when necessary.   Emails that are sent to the office will be passed onto teachers who will respond as soon as possible.  The admin email is to be used as a central point in order that messages get to those who are able to respond.

A weekly newsletter will be sent to parents on a Friday with details of home learning activities for the following week.

Kind Regards   Year 5/6 team

Home Learning Links

Year 5/6 Home Learning Typical Timetable

Please click on the links and attachments below to support your child with their learning at home:

Twinkl is a great website with thousands of resources and parent guides for all year groups. They are kindly offering a free subscription to parents at www.twinkl.co.uk/offer where you can sign up using the code ‘PARENTSTWINKLHELPS’


Click on the link below and you can complete daily work for each picture! Share your stories in your home learning book – we can’t wait to read them!

Daily Reading

Reading is a great activity to complete either together or individually.  There is still the expectation that children will read everyday and fill in their partnership books.  This is a great opportunity to read some of the list of “100 books to read before you leave Y6”, which can be found at the bottom of this page. Also take the opportunity to enjoy the reading activities on this site:

Listen to stories

This is a great link to David Walliams reading his own books to the world:


Reading Comprehension

Here are some links for some great reading comprehension activities.


The PDF documents below detail the children’s weekly spellings and activities that support children to learn the new spelling pattern or rule. You can access a new spelling list each week and use the challenge games to help you learn them.Each list should be learnt over the course of a week and can be practised on Spelling Shed (please click on the icon below). There are also some Year 5 and 6 Spelling Challenges below as an extension activity. Some children access IDL everyday for 15 minutes, please continue to do so. Teachers will update all of the spelling activities weekly.

Countdown Spellings. Online anytime! https://incoherency.co.uk/countdown/practise/


Children have their own logon details to access Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar learning.  This can be accessed at https://www.spag.com/.  Teachers will update these activities weekly.

Maths – Arithmetic/ Fluency

Resources to continue developing fluency of basic facts such as times table facts and calculations can be found below.

Mental Arithmetic Book – Previously used for Homework

Each child has their own copy of a book.  One page should be completed per week.

Maths Revision/ Consolidation

BBC Bitesize KS2 Maths is a great learning resource that children can use to revise/ consolidate knowledge and understanding of the topics that have already been taught in school.  Please do not try any topics that we have not yet been taught.

Times Tables

Use TTRockstars every day – each child has their own logon and password.


Year 5 and 6 are currently studying Electricity.  There are some fantastic science experiments that focus on scientific enquiry, you can do online.

It is also British Science Week in school soon and we will be looking at the theme “Our Diverse World” and exploring some of the activities and learning.  Here is the website link:

For those of you interested in animals, Edinburgh Zoo have live webcams of some of their animals roaming their enclosures that are great to watch! Make a note of anything you learn about them in your home learning book.

History/ Geography/ Art

We are currently learning about the Ancient Egyptians (historical focus) and the river Nile (geography focus) and sharing learning through art focus of Collage and mask making. Further research and project work about this period in time can be completed – creative or written projects would be great!

Digimaps for schools is a free online mapping service. OS maps can be downloaded and printed to enable a variety of outdoor activities. It can be accessed at https://digimapforschools.edina.ac.uk/login using the login details as follows.

Username: hg11ja
Password: varged6530

Free virtual Tours of World Museums, Educational Sites and Galleries.  Check out explore.org live to see live footage of animals and birds: https://www.familydaystriedandtested.com/


Active Learning is important for healthy bodies.  Whilst outdoor games and walks enable children to get fresh air, it is not always possible for this to happen.  Therefore, please look at some of the indoor activities;


Activites to uplevel and consolidate ICT skills can be found at;

Username – student23989

Password – Stpeters

Non Subject Specific (No internet access required)

Baking a cake

Maths – reading measures/ converting measures/ temperature/ time

Literacy – reading instructions/ writing a set of instructions to follow

Science – health and hygiene/ chemical changes – reversible or irreversible

Art – decoration/ repeated patterns

Project of interest

Maths – counting/ seeing patterns/ predicting

Literacy – note taking/ handwriting

Art – drawing/ collage/ junk modelling

Playing a board game.

Maths – strategic thinking/ probability

PSHCE – taking turns, listening to others

Nature walk

Science – classification of trees/ flowers/ insects.

PSHCE – importance of physical exercise and fresh air.

50 things to do before you leave St Peters

PSHCE – outdoor learning


Listen to songs, play instruments.

Music – developing skills/ music appreciation

Literacy – Writing a song/ poetry

PSHCE – speaking and listening/ performance

Cooking a meal

Science – healthy/ balanced diet/ creating

PSHCE – food preparation

Art/ design – designing menus

Community based project PSHCE – supporting others who are in need (at home – chores such as bed making, shoe cleaning).  For local neighbours – writing notes.  Recycling/ raising the profile of important events such as “No plastic for Lent”.


Motivational Posters

As part of our PSHE learning, the children have been making motivational posters that we feel are particularly apt at this time.

100 Books to Read Before You Leave Year 6

Love reading and being read to?  Here are some fantastic recommendations for you.  Anyone read all 100?

What a fantastic start to the new school year we have had. These are just some of the exciting things that the children have already learnt and been involved in so far:

  • Bewerley Park – please see the Year 5/6 Enrichment page for our fantastic photographs.
  • Y6 Bikeability – we also have some fantastic new bike resources in school for the children to use.
  • UCI event – In September, Harrogate hosted the World Road Cycling Championships with the finish line for the races being on West Park only a few hundred metres from our school. The children loved having the event so close and learnt a lot about cycling and the benefits of hosting an event with the world as its audience.
  • Writing week – this year we used the UCI as our stimulus. Because the weather was so poor during the championship, it had a huge impact on our ability to use The Stray for sports. Therefore we decided to write in a number of different ways to express our viewpoints regarding the event. The children either wrote balanced arguments, formal letters, newspaper recounts and diaries.