Welcome to Upper Key Stage 2

Our classes


We have high expectations of behaviour at St Peter’s and staff implement the behaviour policy through our Golden Rules.  Details of Rewards and Consequences/ Smiles and Golden Time can be found at the back of the partnership book.

Partnership Book:

The partnership book is an additional method to continue and develop communication between home and school. We encourage each child to read daily either at home or at school, which is recorded and signed. Details of the weekly homework are given and there is a box for parent/guardian to sign. The back of the book also includes your child’s targets and High Frequency Spellings.


All children will be given homework on the following days.  This can be completed in the homework book, which has been provided for them.



(Learn for test on the following Wednesday)


Maths and English

Curriculum Skills

(Due for the following Wednesday)



In year 5 and 6, we encourage children to develop independence.  Children are able to have additional responsibilities i.e. dinner/ library/ play squad monitors, which are important roles within school.

Children are expected to arrive at school for an 8.45am start and come prepared with the correct PE kit and school uniform.

Teacher Assessment:

At St Peter’s we carry out on-going assessments throughout the year. These include assessments on your child’s skills in the core subjects of maths, writing, reading and science.

Statutory Tests of Attainment (SATs):

Children are tested in core subjects in Year 6. These tests track progress against standardised national levels.

The tests are held in May. This year the tests will take place during the week of 8th May. Below is the timetable for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Reading Paper


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

Paper 1 – Short Answers (45mins)

Paper Spelling Test (15mins)

Maths Paper 1 – Arithmetic



Maths Paper 2 – Reasoning


Maths Paper 3 – Reasoning


 No tests


Tests do cause pressure, however, as a school we try and minimise this by:

  • Maintaining a full curriculum throughout the year.
  • Providing time for children to work through practise tests and giving relevant feedback and support.
  • Providing extra support.

How we prepare the children for Year 7

  • We ensure that the children take part in a wide range of activities that prepare them for secondary school.
  • We encourage parents/guardians and pupils to attend all open evenings for secondary schools.
  • We liase with the secondary school staff, to ensure that all children have a happy and safe transition into their new school.


We follow our golden rules at all time. Click on the picture to see them.


In school we use our 5 R’s to help us to be successful, not just in school, but in life.  Click on the picture to see how we develop these important skills.

We are always trying to improve and we have a plan of how we are going to achieve this. How can you help us get better?